FS/T - Decoy, Artemis prepro, Ambassador, SF, and Hatchet+! LF Ti Cadence, Counter Jet, and offers

Trying to rack up some cash since Ti Cadences are popping up on the BST and Ti Float preorder exists now :] Prices are N.A. shipped / +$10 otherwise, open to trade offers.

Listed l->r t->b

2Sick x Unspoken Decoy (Super Suit, undamaged) - $80
2Sick x Unspoken Decoy (Purple Berry?, undamaged) - $80
Unspoken Artemis (black prepro, undamaged) - $85

CLYW Manatee
Recess Charm (pink/yellow fade, spins like rose gold, undamaged) - $65

St Embassy Ambassador (pink, undamaged) - $75
UNPRLD Flash (Albin edition, threaded but screws together fine, noticeable vibe) - $35

Not pictured
SF SF (Sebby edition, undamaged) - $50
Yoyofficer Hatchet+ (silver w/ black rings, undamaged) - $45

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