FS/T: Chief, Wooly Marmot (Price Drop)

Interested in cash, and maybe some trades if something strikes my fancy.

[b]Concerning trades: I’m looking to cut my collection DOWN, or at least stay with the number I have, so multiple cheaper throws aren’t going to get these. I’d be more likely to trade up + cash.

Also, my cash values are usually lower than trade values.[/b]

6th Run Chief: Mint with box and glow sticks. This is like buying a brand new Chief for $20 off retail. The smoothest throw I own, and have ever owned. My tastes are just running a little smaller recently. Photo makes it look a brighter orange than it is, much closer to a deep copper color. Looks excellent. $130

Latest run Wooly Marmot: Mint as the day I got it with box. This is the lighter blue, almost silver colorway, with yellow splash. One of my favorite CLWY colors. Dead smooth, excellent throw. $80

i really like the wooly but i cant buy it un tile ipass grades so can you hold it for me or the chife

it for like three weeks

1st run Boss.
Hardcoat DV888.
Northstar. (earlier run. has jensens name on the plates. New ones don’t.)
Supernova Lite.
Czech Nats 2007 VK. Small Bearing. No hubstacks.