FS/T 54 Sunrise Fade, Severe,Superwide LF:Epic,hattrick,Monster,Northstars,offer

Alright guys I would like some offers on these guys!

First of the 54, 2 flatspots, 3 white scuffs, and a scratch(all pictured) But it still plays beautifully!! Super smooth and fun and comes with both aluminum spikes and brass domes.

DSCN1224 by lancegatter, on Flickr

DSCN1227 by lancegatter, on Flickr

Next is the severe! Super fun yoyo comes with 10 ball bearing has a group of pinpricks (shown) and various scratches from a string break a few days ago.

DSCN1230 by lancegatter, on Flickr

DSCN1231 by lancegatter, on Flickr

Next is a superwide Has a few pinpricks no dings or marks pics soon.

Condition should about match what I am trading can have a ding or 2 but limit the vibe no real beaters.
LF: I would really like to try an EPIC by madhouse yoyos
-Hattrick General yo
-Monster YYF
-2 Northstars, for superwide