FS: PDX-Yo Batsquatch

Here’s a chart for an overview. Pics will be below, along with additional details.

- PDX-Yo Batsquatch Duncan Exit 8 YYF Grind Machine
Condition Good Near mint Good
Colorway Army Green w/ copper ring Blue w/ silver ring ?
Vibe Minor Perfect* Moderate (nail)
Price** $80 Sold Sold

PDX-Yo Batsquatch:

Occasionally makes a slight metallic hum. Vibe is minimal even when that happens, and it doesn’t seem to effect play.
**Add $5 for shipping in the con. U.S. (PM to calculate costs elsewhere) and $1.62 if buying via Venmo Business instead of Venmo Personal, PayPal F&F, or Cash App.

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Happy to answer questions!

P.S. - I have a high standard on vibe.