FS: OYY and Core Co

For sale and ConUS only. Prices include shipping. Shipped within 2 business days USPS first class with tracking. F&f or g&s (buyer pays fees). Trying to fund some new hiking boots (I’ll take recommendations). Let me know if you have any questions and prices are negotiable!

Edit: Guess I should mention that I’m on reddit (same U/N) and in the FB BST and Talk group (PM if you would like to conduct on there to do a rep check).

1. OhYesYo Black Lust - $65

  • 7%20-%20yFPtQ3F

  • 8%20-%208u2kUdU

  • Slight bimetal vibe.

2. Core Co. Black Alley Cat - $23

  • 9%20-%20cM9RorB

  • Scuff on ano pictured, slight fingernail/string vibe.

  • Version with the Chaz pad.!


Bump, price drop.

Bump, let’s make a deal!

These are pretty screaming deals, actually. I also like the fact that they’re all black. Black is my go-to color, just looks so clean.

Oh, and were you asking for recommendations for hiking boots? I always go with Keens, every pair I have purchased has been super comfortable/ pretty well made.

Heading to REI today to try some boots on. One of the ones I was going to check out were the Keen Targhee III. I was leaning towards them because I’ve heard good things, but I really have to try them on first.

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Bump, Kuntosh sold

I recommend checking into the asolo fugitive gtx. My favorite hiking boots

Very delayed response, but I went with a pair of Oboz Mid Sawtooth. Tried them on at REI and they were too good to pass up at the price point. I’ll keep the Asolo in mind when I need to upgrade though!

Dang I thought those were yoyos lol I was like “REI carries yo-yos now, we’re gonna need @jhb8426 to update that brick and mortar topic again” :rofl:

Hiking boots - check out Vasque.

That would help my REI dividend if they sold throws!

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Lust still available?

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