FS only: Blue/Green fade Bliss 65$

Up you go!

Give these boys the loving home they deserve.

New Good Life releases are imminent. Help me feel less bad about buying them by taking these SFs off my hands.

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I don’t know if i can go much lower than this.

Bumping earlier in the day than normal to maybe get some different eyes on these.

It doesn’t hurt to send an offer I really just want to get rid of these so I can stop worrying about it and have more yo-yo funds.

Statement gone praise the yo-yo gods.


Who wants to take this last one of my hands?

That’s the rewind edition.

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It certainly is.

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Oh, I said that because I didn’t think that you knew, bc it didn’t say in the listing, I feel stupid now lmao.

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Lol I just wasn’t sure if saying Rewind edition would make it clear what colorway it was and Rewind Blue Green Fade with Rainbow Rims is a lot of description for one yo-yo.

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