FS only: Blue/Green fade Bliss 65$

Note: All prices are shipped and i don’t charge extra for the Goods and Services fee.

Take both for 107$

Bliss Blue/Green Fade with Rainbow rims: mint with bag, completely smooth. 65$

image image

SF Statement Wainbow: Sold


does the breeze play like the statement, just better?


The Breeze has a slight floaty feeling that the Statement also has, I think due to similar weight ring placement. The Statement is just a little heavier feeling than the Breeze. Really it’s the weight that decided it for me. I have bad wrists and the ~2g extra on the Statement is what it really came down to.

I also have found I’m not a huge fan of anything 46mm wide or more.

I had the draft of this post typed up for like 6 hours while I threw the Statement and Breeze on and off and decided whether or not I really wanted to get rid of the Statement.


Bump, lowered price of Statement after noticing it had a bit more vibe than i thought when double checking today. Probably willing to go lower DM me and we’ll talk.


Bump, have not heard back from the person I was talking to so I’m assuming they are no longer interested.

Bump, bump bump it up

Help me get rid of some yo-yos.

I need that Shutter :confused:

Bump. Help a boy get his toy.

Birthday bump

Bump it up someone buy these so I can buy the new Good Life stuff they just previewed.


Lowered Statement and Bliss price.

I thought people loved SF :confused:


You know you want them…

50$ Statement I don’t know how you’re gonna beat that…

Added a couple trade options.

Avalanche sold.

I wish you luck. The Aqua/Copper fade Shutter Wide Angle is absolutely gorgeous. It’s my personal favorite colorway of any yo-yo.

I wish I could help you out by buying that Statement, but I’ve spent like $100 on new throws every month for 3 or 4 months straight; my wife might strangle me in my sleep.



I might end up biting the bullet and just ordering one even if these don’t sell soon. Then when these do sell I’ll just use the money to buy the new Good Lifes. I sold the Avalanche at least so that’s something.