FS: OneDrop. Crucial. YYJ. Auldey. PRICE Update

Yo-Yo Condition: Mint

Additional Info: Each Yo-Yo have been kept inside a baby sock to avoid being scratched.

Payments: Paypal Only (verified accounts) / US Only

Reason: All items have been in a box all these years and I do not need them. I’m selling my collection to buy some photo gear.

Prices: I do not have time to think and come up with prices on how much I want to sell these, so I’m just going to put a price I found online… which makes all prices negotiable. PM me if you’re interested.

$80 | Markmont Next
$45 | Crucial Cream
$45 | Dingo
$45 | M1
$75 | P2
$50 | Virus
$40 | Atmosphere

How much would it for shipping?

I know I’m not helping here, but your photos are absolutely beautiful.

Just wanted to share that.

I may PM you about yoyos that may still be available after CalStates, assuming I still have money left over!