FS: Multiple throws od,clyw, yyf

Hey everyone. I have an edge beyond for sale. I got this about last month and only played with it for about 15 throws. It really wasn’t my cup of tea and I’m hardly using it. Smooth and no scratches from what I can see. I only played with it over carpet and I never dinged. GONE! Sipping conUS only.
Up next is a clyw borealis 2 Gone!
OD1to1 asking $50. Great condition. Played a little and really wasn’t my cup of tea.

Iyoyo barbarian asking $40 Rarely played and no dings. Plays smooth

Rain city ducc asking $30. Use to be my daily. No nicks or vibe

Hit me up with offers or even a combo deal.
Thanks :slight_smile:


I bought one of these. I loved it. It was broke when my brother unexpectedly body slammed me. I’d buy this except I don’t have enough money. Do you take trades? I have a few throws that I would consider trading for it if your interested.

Pm me with what you got. I’m mainly into clyw or OD


Updated photos since it didn’t load




That 1 to 1 is such a cool color!

What is that model of iyoyo called?

Oh sorry man lol. It’s a barbarian

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Bump. Clyw gone

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