FS: Lots of variety here - TMBR, G2, A-RT, OD, YYF and more

Prices are PayPal F&F with shipping included in CONUS. Not looking for trades at this time.

I’m willing to negotiate and give deals if you buy multiple. Feel free to rep check me. Please message me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

My Feedback

Available For Sale -

TMBR This-A-Way That-A-Way! (Rainbow Spectra) - $125 obo
Mint. This has been a shelf-queen.

G2 Reaper (Andromeda) - $125 obo
Mint with box. I believe this is 1/10 a-grades. One of my favorite playing G2 mono metals. I have one in clear that I am keeping.

A-RT Garret - $75
NMTBS and no packaging. One tiny pinprick otherwise mint. Smooth. Light brown colorway.

SF Motive - $60
Mint. Clear w/ rainbow ss rings. This one didn’t come with a box just a velvet bag which will be included. Smooth. Great playing bi-metal , just a bit wider than what I normally gravitate towards.

OD Sugar Glider (White Cerakote) - $75
Mint with box. Shelf queen. Smooth.

OD Kamuraiju - $45
Mint. Clear colorway. I have the box even though its not shown.

OD Panorama - $45
Mint with box. Rose colorway.

At Design Lab ZeRo - $75
Mint. Factory swapped to full silver. Smooth.

YYR Monotone - $45
Mint. Competition oriented organic throw. Great performer.

YYF x TP Ex-Machina - $60
One tiny pinprick pictured. Otherwise mint. Smooth. Great playing bimetal. Awesome collab by yyf and tp.

Mazal Top YoYos Mentsh - $45
Mint with box. Smooth. Hybrid plastic ss version of the rectifier. A bit wider than I normal gravitate towards. Plays great. A bit noisy as with most hybrids.

TopYo Silenus - $35
Mint. No box. Smooth.

Duncan Grasshopper GTX - $45
Mint. Jakub Plader edition colorway. Smooth.

Duncan Orbital GTX - $45
Mint. Blue with red and green splash. Great performer.

Duncan Tourney - $35
Two small anno rub scuffs pictured. Can’t really be felt at all. Smooth.

Sold -

A-RT Inhaler

Mint with packaging. Very unique and fun throw. This is the heavier dose. I’m keeping one that I have in clear and letting this one go. $95

YYF Skyline (Godzilla Edition)

Mint. No box. Special edition skyline with Godzilla engraving . $75

Static Co. Wave

Mint with box. Vaporwave colorway. I have another that I am keeping. $̶5̶5̶ $50

Mowl Q

One small pinprick (shown). Otherwise mint. Smooth. Mowl green colorway. Great playing floaty organic throw. Very similar play feel to an a-rt grail. I have another one that I am keeping. $45

YYF 444

Mint. Very fun little lightweight pocket sized throw. Plus it has hubstacks. $35

Luftverk Plastic 000

Mint. No box. No cracks. Smooth. $25 (or $10 addon with any other purchase)


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Updated list and lowered some prices.


I saw! Thank you! Looking for trades atm though. Good lookin out!


I’m interested in the 444 with the 000.

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Well a 444 and an 000 are still a 444 :joy:


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Lowered more prices. Wave sold