FS: Large Bundle Deal. (YYJ, YYF, Crucial, etc.) Will trade all for Peak.

Whats up guys? I don’t normally post here too much anymore but I got some stuff I’m trying to sell.
I’d prefer to sell it all as one bundle for $200. Can do individual pics on request. All yoyos are in good condition and if they aren’t mint they only have a few nicks at most. Lots of goodies will be included.

The only trades I’m looking for are Peaks.

Willing to part out yoyos but bundles are highly preferred.

Top Row left to right: Delicious, Diamondback, Counter Attack, 7075 Catalyst
Second row left to right: Yoyoempire, Yoyoempire, Henry’s M1
Bottom row left to right: Avant Garde, Dreamyo, Popstar.