FS green SK: (**SOLD!**)


Would say new/mint, but there is a super tiny dent on one of the rims. It didn’t break the ano, and my camera will not even pick it up.

I would sell this one for $45 shipped (CONUS). HMU SOLD!

I’ll throw in some home spun strings too


First bump…

I know someone’s got a Cabal or Parlay to trade…

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How about $30 for it?

How about a Cabal for it? :wink:

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Bump who?
Bump for Cabal…

Just realized you want a trade.

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The cow goes “Moo”, The sheep goes “Ba” The guy writing this goes “Bump”.

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This doesn’t rhyme.

Things that go “bump” in the night…

This post!


Updated terms

bump a dump bump

Step BUMP!


Finally, it sold!!

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Ah bummer, I saw this the other day but don’t have what you want to trade for. Missed the update with a sale price

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