FS: G2, Rec Rev, plus more


Not sure about prices so just offer on anything. Dm for pics

-Something Premiere
-OUT Padauk: mint with pouch
-G2 Albatross: 1/4, with box signed by Jake
-Blood Brothers The First Brother
-RecRev Collection
Octave 3
Silly Goose

Really need money, but I’d be interested in a couple of trades:
-Mad House Lucky 7
-Seven Summits
-Any G2 Arkham or Gotham colorways


Price ?


To everyone who is buying from me: I’m sorry about shipping so late, I’ve had a family member critical in the hospital so I’m sorry, but yoyos haven’t exactly been my #1 priority, but I should be able to ship out this week. Sorry again for the delay

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