FS: G2, MFD, UNPRLD, Smashing, 2Sick

(Justin ) #1

Help me slim down my collection! I’m mainly looking to sell right now, but feel free to offer trades if you have anything spicy :fire: All prices include CONUS shipping and Paypal G&S fee. All damage shown in pictures below.

MFD Conspiracy: $75 NMIB
Smashing Bounce: $40 MIB
Unparalleled Abduction: $30 MIB
2Sick Blitz: $55 MIB
G2 Elite 2018: sold!
CLYW Blizzard: sold!
Hella Ratchet: sold!
Unparalleled Corruption: sold!

1 FREE with a purchase of 2 or more:
Magicyoyo T6
YYF Daydream

Bundle Deal: Take all for only $125 shipped to your door!!

I love bundles!! The more you buy the more you save!


Didn’t like the Blizzard, eh?

(Justin ) #3

I did, but not more than my other bimetals. I would definitely keep it if I had the room.

(Justin ) #4


(Justin ) #5


(Justin ) #6

price drop!!

(Justin ) #7


(Justin ) #8

Conspiracy and Cadence added!! Also price drops on the previous yoyos :smiley:

(Justin ) #9

Price drops bump!


Honestly Im Eying that Cadence in Purple!

(Justin ) #11


(Justin ) #12

Some price dropssss

(Justin ) #13

Added the Elite and the Corruption!

(Cruz Quintana ) #14

See anything here you’d like? FS/FT: Slightly RARE CLYW, OD, YYF, Basecamp!

(Justin ) #15

Not really, sorry!

(Cruz Quintana ) #16

Tis ok buddy :+1:t3:

(Justin ) #17

Some nice price drops :slight_smile:

(Victorian YoYos) #18

What is this ‘CONUS’ you people speak of?

(Justin ) #19

Contiguous United States: every state excluding Alaska and Hawaii.


larn you some Googles my man :wink: