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Wanting to lighten up my collection a bit in order to justify some of the new throws I’ve been getting. I am also open to trades. Free shipping within the US

YoTricks Canon: SOLD

YYF Horizon: Has some slight vibe, has some flatspots and scratches on the original half. My brother got it out of a trade, and we have been both very happy with it. That is, until he stripped one of the halves. We contacted YYF and they sent us another half. It’s a slightly lighter shade of blue than the original half, and it doesn’t have any engravings, but it plays great. Comes with box. The white you see on the Horizon in the picture is glare from my light, not marks. Asking for $15.

The center trac bearing is slightly responsive; I’ve just been too lazy to fully clean it out. Free shipping.

Pm me if you’re interested!

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If a rooster laid an egg on the top of a roof, and the wind was blowing in the direction shown below, would the egg fall to the right or to the left?



Good luck with that

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What’s green, fuzzy, has four legs, and could kill you if it fell out of a tree? (Bump)

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I just realized I didn’t say I was open to trades. I made the edit above to add that.

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The answer is…….a pool table!



I have a Duncan Metal Racer. The chrome size caps are worn just a little and the SG stickers are near needing replacement but still work. The color is blue and no dings/ scratches are on the yo yo.

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Added the Atlas


What is it worth

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YYT Atlas and Canon gone.

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Horizon is still available for $20.

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What’s the process to buy on here because I’m interested in that horizon


Send a PM by clicking or tapping the “message” button on the user you wish to PM.

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Ok thanks

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Bump this post up.

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Price drop :wink:

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Price drop. Legitimate this time.

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