FS: G2, Damian Puckett, YYF, TP, CLYW

Hi all – A few throws that don’t get the love they deserve. No damage unless otherwise noted. Looking to sell but if you have any TP to trade I’m all ears! Prices are shipped CONUS

Top row (left to right)

G2 Carbine – one of the best subtle fades you’ll see – 130
G2 AL7 Brasshee – never even strung – gone
G2 Pilgrim 001 Proto – nice and floaty with gorgeous binds – 100
G2 Luna V2 Proto – lilac – 100

Second Row (left to right)

Puckett Brass wisteria – red/orange fade – 120
Puckett Duality – Jawbreaker colorway – gone
Puckett Fusion – Blue – gone

3rd Row (left to right)
Stainiless Steel 888 – gone
Turning Point TP2 – 45

Bottom throw
CLYW Wish – 10th anniversary rewind edition – blue/green half swap. This one has some vibe as one of the SS rings is misaligned but it is still such a great throw - 80


a few sold - bump for an updated listing

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