FS/ FT YYR Sputnik & Slepneir


For sale for trade! YYR!

Selling my black mint YYR Slipneir $125
Selling my mint YYR Sputnik! $165
Looking for trade as well.
Looking for:
YYR draupnir.
Other YYR throws


These are both great! What price are you putting on them?


They’re both mint. Looking to get $125 for sleep and $165 for Sputnik or both for $265. Sorry I had a typo on the Sputnik.

(InvaderDust) #4

What a steal! Why do i have to be broke this week? I want that Slep. <3

Great deals on great throws.


I am looking for a Draupnir… if you have gave one then we can work something out.