FS/FT YYJ,Planet Nine,Duncan,AQUARIUS!!!! LF:Proto/Northstars

A Freehand 2.Needs one spacer.Has center trac.Awesome. $10

Freehand zero.Beefcaked, and plays as such.One cap and half red and half orange.$25.Got it for $30.

Axiom.Has a couple marks.Way too light for me.$70 OBO.

Planet nine.Half orange and silver.A couple marks on both sides.$80

Big Yo.Typical offstring marks.Only really looking for a trade for another 4a throw.

[Drum roll…]Green Glitter aquarius!Signed by John Narum.Basically mint, thrown 2/3 times. Came with a couple bumps on rims.Only looking for a trade, and you’ll have to offer me something awesome for this.

I’m competing at PNWR next year, and i’m consolidating my throws. Between the Planet Nine and the Axiom, one has an oxidized bearingthe first has a concave,and the second a normal one, whoever buys or trades on first, gets the normal bearing. For the oxidized one, i’ll throw something in (string,counterweights,etc.).

Mint (or plays mint) North/Protostar
Cash (paypal)
4a throws (for something involving the big yo/aquarius)
Nothing else