FS/FT: Typo + progressiver + Empathy Physix

Refreshed the post a little.

C3 Progressiver - A grade - $65 | 8/10 nail vibe - damage free
OP x KC Typo - B-grade - $40 | 8/10 nail vibe - damage free
Empathy Physix - A-grade - $110 - 9/10 nail vibe - damage free

bundle together for $160 shipped CONUS

Empathy comes with Box :slight_smile:

Open to trades as well:
LF Consoleil, YYR, TP, Yoyo Studio Llama, Dis Anima.
Even if you have something else just let me know :slight_smile: rather these find a new home.


what makes the monarch a b grade?

Vibe last I checked, I’ll give it a throw once home and update

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Bump for some fire and a great deal plus a pretty cool dude !


if monarch vibe isn’t bad i’ll take it depending on shipping

had a change to check and found vibe! prices reduced and made a $120 bundle price to take them all!

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sent dm :saluting_face:, call dibs on that monarch

Sold Acanthus S and Monarch, Just the 2 bimetals left, take both for $90

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Bump + adding a personal Favorite of mine:

Thesis x Augment Calyx

6/10 on the nail vibe test, 10/10 smooth string wise. Sparked (dropped it out of my pocket), scuffed (typical Ti scratches)

This is one the the best play feel yo-yos. Only reason why I’m selling is to offset costs.

$175 shipped (accounting for damage etc).

Additional photos and videos will be posted tomorrow morning!

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take the last 2 for $80 shipped


BUMP Price drop an additional $10 off


Not discounting this any further

Post has been refreshed and cleaned up. Feel free to offer trades!