FS/FT Thread. Beginner Style. LF Punchline, Gnarwhal, Sasquatch.


Title says it all. Have been interested in the Punchline for a while. PST me if you are interested.

Also Have an:
ILYY Falcon (Red/Black 2 Small unnoticable dings) Smoothest thing ever. 80$
Prepro ILYY Torino - 2 small pock marks offer
Mint Nickel Y Factor
Yuji Superstar - Has a small ding that you can feel on grinds but does not affect play.

Punchline- Prefer mint but small marks are fine (Would throw in some Cash for)
Juvenile offender - Any color, prefer mint but again small marks are fine
If you have a lyn fury I miss my old one if you want to throw it in to sweeten a deal.
Ronin - Any Type, prefer black

Photos in edit



Bump for updated want list.


High Quality pictures added.


Bump. Y Factor and Superstar Added.


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Bring Up My Pos… (Candlejack)

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is that a peak or a wooly in you picture album? the silver with orange splash

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