FS/FT Super G Blue Wavelength

So I have a Super G I am trying to trade or sell.

YYF Super G:$50 $45 - Blue wavelength. Some dings and scratches along the rim, but doesn’t affect play. This is my favorite throw, I just don’t think I need 2.

If you are buying, Paypal only.

If I were to trade it, I am looking for a:
YYF Superstar
YYF Avant Garde Ann Connolly Edition (I want this super badly right now)
YYF Supernova (maybe)
-If you want to trade one of these and feel that your yoyo has a higher value and I agree, we can try to negotiate how much I would pay to make it an even trade.

Pictures below and available upon request. Y-Factor is gone.

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