FS/FT: |*****Speedcubes PRICEDROPS 4/1 (SS + GH + Dayan)*****|

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my B/S/T! Prices include shipping and can be negotiated. When trading please refer to my wants, but feel free to offer what you have. Unfortunately I can only ship in the U.S. since international shipping is too risky. However, if you’d be willing to pay extra for tracking and insurance I can make an exception, otherwise, domestic addresses only. Thanks for looking!

  • Shengshou 4x4 v5 w/Fluro stickers (No damage, Like new condition) - $15 shipped

  • Dayan Stickerless Zhanchi (No damage, Like new condition) - $12 shipped

  • Moyu Weilong v2 (No damage, Like new condition) - KEEPING

  • Ghosthand 4x4 Florian Modded w/Fluro stickers (Mod not even, Replaced w/Dayan springs, will also come with OG springs) - $9 shipped

PACKAGE DEAL: All 3 for $33 shipped