FS/FT some stuff


Overthrow, MIB, 35
Decoy, NMIB, have marks that don’t break anno
Cadence, M, have tiny marks that don’t break anno, 55
O-Ting, M, 40
If it doesn’t have a price its trade only, of course you can still offer.

LF:Sengoku Oni, Red Ashigaru, Ace-yo Gravitation 7075, Akita, VTWO, iceberg w/ rainbow rims, ODs and in general other stuff I haven’t tried, can add cash if fair.

Also looking to trade for a red or plum or fade Hummingbird for mine, mine is black and perfectly smooth. Have minor markings on rims that can’t be felt by hand.
Willing to add money or even offer cash only if offer is good.