FS/FT: RSO Spaceship ES - Black

FS/FT: RSO Spaceship ES - Black - Mint w/all original packaging and accoutrements

$340 includes shipping and fees

LF: Rarer throws… Oxy Ti, early polished cup MFD, G2 Triton, VsN Moonwalker

Please Inquire within,

Thank You.


I want that suddenly but have none of your wants


i am a bumping thing.

i bump, therefore i am.

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PM about H2O

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happiness without peace

I have a mint Oxy 5… Lmk if you’d be interested. I like a few of your throws.

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oxy5 is one of my fave of their line, bit i got one in the case… appreciate the offer though!

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Oi, can you bring that Pybit with you to the meetup Sunday? I don’t have anything on your list…but I may have something of interest…

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Hopy bejesus that Viszilla!

I also got an Oxy Ti 9.06 MIB and signed by Carlo Menon (owner of Oxygene)…

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It BUMPed from OuterSpace…. $340 safely to your door

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