FS/FT Ronin + Tres Leches

Not really looking to trade, but there’s a few things that may spark my interest. Paypal is preferred but I’ll accept anything but don’t assume responsibility if money is shipped and lost

First item for sale is a SPYY Ronin custom painted by Brett grimes. has one paint chip and had one ding before it got painted. real beauty… 100

Crucial Tres Leches. mint. minute vibe. nice throw

YYJ + ricerocket BOLTleg. white. small vibe. 15

Prices are shipped

I’d take a pair of loop 900’s for the Leches
And some sort of blasted CLYW (gnar, sas, marmot) for the Ronin
Thank you for looking and happy trading :slight_smile:

slight changes



ill trade you a black/lime green grind machine

Tres Leches pending