FS/FT Rockefeller, OG Avalanche, Protostar WANT: OD, G2, YYF, Revival

YYF Protostar, good condition, see additional photos for the marks on the rims. $15

Square Wheels Rockefeller, 1 of 1 ano job, few marks on the rims. $60 shipped

CLYW Avalanche, OG. Re-Ano’d, Some damage was ano’d over. See pics. Vibe. Still plays like a OG ava should. Comes with pretty new blue snow tires, and kk/grooved/10ball bearing. $40 shipped Seriously, it’s CLYW for $40. Someone grab it.

ADDITIONAL PICS: https://www.flickr.com/photos/31020109@N04/sets/72157633427750810/

G2: Triton or Albatross
beat CLYW
One Drop: Gradient, OG Project, Valor
YYF: Genesis, maybe an 888, Severe/Supernova.
YYJ Revival
If it’s purple, I may consider it.