FS/FT:RecRev Octave(x2), RecRev BadRep, LOOP 900(x2)LF: CLASH orStardust!

Ok first up I have a 3a set of the new RecRev “Octave”, Unreleased. They have their share of 3a scuffs, but nothing that effects play.
And if your wondering how they play, they feel very similar to CLYW Avalanche and Sasquatch. Im asking about $115 for the set, or i would trade for a leviathan or such.

Next up is a  RecRev BadRep. Has a few scuffs on the edges and 1 or 2 flatspots. Plays nice. Asking $60

Last is A set of Blue yoyofactory LOOP 900s. They have some scuffs on the rims, nothing big. Again Nothing that effects play.
Come with gold bearings and one tuning key. Id let these go for around $35.

Levithan(really want!)
(espically Half Green Half Purple, and Shinji Saito Ver.)
stargazer v1
stardust(really want!)
CLASH(really want!)

Im willing to make deals anyway I can to get some of these yoyos!

I also have 100% positive feedback on YYN