FS/FT: Origami, Nemisis, Loop 900, etc!

I would like to trade for Side Effects One Drops especially Benchmark H or V (some damage is fine w/pics)

Feel free to offer up anything!

Shipping is $5 domestic for 1 or more.

Everything shipped for $40

Everything has been played with and has some light marks. Listed top-down, left-to-right.

Duncan Hyabusa (2 sets of caps, w/originals)- $3
YYF Daydream- $5
Duncan Origami (mint)- $25
SD Monkey Fist (lots of vibe)- $5
Auldey Nemisis (bought in Morocco!)- $5
YYF Loop 900 (scuffs, white has a small crack on the cap, one tool incl)- $12 for the pair

offer up!


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During the 1936 Berlin Games, two Japanese pole-vaulters tied for second place. Instead of competing again, they cut the silver and bronze medals in half and fused the two different halves together so that each of them had a half-silver and half-bronze medal.


The first official Olympic mascot was Waldi, the dachshund, at the 1972 Games in Munich.

The most common age of an Olympic champion is 23 years for the Summer Games and 24 years for the Winter Games.