fs/ft: MVP


I just got this MVP in a trade and wasn’t really feelin the size of it, so im puttin it up here.
it is satin finished and has a small vibe to it, but does not effect play.

Protostars (no red or grey)
pretty much anything, just offer and we’ll see if we can work something out.

i have 24 positive feedback on yoyonation if you’re unsure with dealing with me.
here’s the link:

(C4) #3

proto star and ouchyo for c13 :o


Tres Leches are always metal. The prototype just looked plastic, but it was really metal.

(Q) #5

And your point is??


im sorry but you’re wrong. there is a delrin tres leches, and a metal tres leches. i do not see how metal could look like a plastic or vice versa.

(BB) #7

no tres leches are dirlin i have one by the way were did u get the metal one

(Justin the JeeJaw) #8

they sold it at BAC(I think…) and BLC


i got mine through a trade on yoyonation. and for all you non believers of the delrin tres leches, let me allow myself to put you on blast.




(BB) #11

i realy want the tl metal


Yep, I was wrong. I went in the chat room with dacklink the other day, and told me that there was a plastic, and metal Tres Leches. Thanks for correcting me. :wink:

(BB) #13

to be exact its dirlin a composite

(system) #17