FS/FT Mint RecRev Octave gen 3; LF Fixed Axle

Hey guys, I’ve been hoping to score one at some point, and have not really had the cash when I see them pop up, so here goes. My throw is mint, but played, bearing has been dry lubed and spins forever.

Looking for mint Broke Village Fidalgo, Play Simply No Jive, 2014 EH, other high end fixed axle yoyos.

Looking at $60 shipped and paypaled

I’ve got a FLAWLESS RecRev Octave Gen. 3 for trade if you can get me one. Zero things wrong with it, and I’m the first owner. Comes with clear canister it shipped to me in.


Don’t really have cash at the moment, but I do have a mint throw monkey, used Duncan Komodo kendama, or a beat regen I can throw in as a deal sweetener

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