FS/FT: Luftverk 000 and more

UPDATES: Prices Lowered

I have the following for sale or trade (I’ll include a list of wants below). All prices are shipped, include boxes/relevant extras and also include insurance. I accept PayPal F&F (CONUS Only), if you want to pay G&S, that’s fine … but make sure to cover the fees. :slightly_smiling_face: thanks. If you need other pics, let me know.

  • YYF American - Black Acid Wash - NMTBS - also played a bunch, but never dinged and no damage that I can find - $45
  • YYF Uppercut - MIB - $25
  • Luftverk 000 - Latest Run Raw Ti - MIB - $300 (would definitely prefer a trade, wants list is below)


  • Anti-Yo - DRI-YWET, SLCK-YWET, Viszilla, BSP
  • Unknown Edition Collaborations - CLYW Peak 2, Hummingbird
  • OD x ILYY Sakura SE
  • SF Yoyos - SF, L, Ceasefire
  • Mowl - Surveillance, Surveil, Obsession, Nocturnal
  • OD Kuntosh OG/5000QV - Colors wanted (besides Saturday Market) - Gold, Orange, Black, Blue, Clear
  • OD - Saturday Market Colorway - specifically looking for Downbeat 2020, Kuntosh
  • A-RT Life, Garret, Sparrow (Black, Clear, Blue & Orange/Gold Colors preferred)

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