FS/FT General yo mini star


I was watching a Magnum on the bay. I was messaging the seller about it via my my cell phone which is a piece and the seller quit responding. We were really close to making a deal so I figured it might just be my phone. My wife was at work so I got her to check it out on her computer and it turned out it was just my phone being a piece. So I got my wife to close the deal and five days later in the mail I get a mini star. It was in the original box so at no point did the seller think it was a magnum. The seller was getting my messages and In one of those messages I mentioned that nothing was coming through on my phone. At some point between all this the title of the auction got changed from general yo magnum to general yo mini star. Its a raw one that looks a lot like the magnum. So I’m in an open case that will go the powers that be at the bay no sooner than a couple weeks but if I can find a decent trade or come close to getting my money back sooner than that I will sell it or trade it on here. I sold two shutters, a g funk, and a movitation to get a special throw and I spent most of what I got for them on what I thought was a magnum. Just let me know what you got and maybe we can work something out


Mini star is no longer available

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