FS/FT: G2 Banshee, Elite

Looking to sell/trade.

Trade wants: C3 Omnitron, Sengoku Masamune, Sigtyr, Monolith, Mowl M+,YYO Blossom. I do have other trades if you have any of these, so let me know.

G2 OG Banshee: One small, hard to see mark that doesn’t break anno. Dead smooth, w/box & koozie. Sold

G2 Elite: A couple tiny marks that don’t break anno. Dead smooth w/box & koozie. Sold
G2 Wolf: Mint w/box & koozie. Gone

General Yo Legato: Mint & dead smooth. Sold

OYY Lust: Red/black half swap. A couple tiny, superficial marks. Has some vibe you can occasionally feel on the string, but doesn’t affect play. Could be tuned smoother. $50

Will do discounts for multiple. Prices include shipping. Message me with any questions!

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What price would you be able to do for the three G Squared yoyos shipped to France?

All the best,

Sorry I missed the fact that the wolf has gone! I’m still interested in the Banshee and the Elite.


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Hi, it’s usually around $13 or so to ship from where I am to Europe. I haven’t sent to France specifically, but if you give me an address I could give you a more accurate quote.

I could sell both for $145 if you pay shipping and pp fees. Let me know!

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I’ll personal mail you with my details.

If it is not sold, I would like to buy the Banshee.
Thank you,

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