FS/FT G-Squared Albatross, Yoyofficer Orbis, OD Benchmark H Prices Negotiable

Only one active BST is allowed per member. I merged the two you had going.


  • Albatross basically mint, no damage cosmetic or physical. $85USD
    - Orbis is mint basically, I played with it a few hours, it just was not my kind of throw, we didn’t jive. $35USD (Comes with included accesory pack, one string and extra axle.
    - OD Benchmark H-Shape. Mint, no damage, no vibe, very stable $40 USD

All the throws play very well, will not come in original boxes though. PM or reply for an offer. I’m not interested in trades, but if something is interesting enough, I may consider it. Paypal preffered. Prices are negotiable.

Interested in the Spin Dynamic Flow and a couple of other one drop nickle plated throws. Got any? Focused on mint condition throws.

Shutter is SOLD!