FS/FT: CLYW Chief Cryo NMTBS, CLYW Cliff 28 Stories NM, G2 BAP Pelican Glitch


Looking to sell or trade:

CLYW Cryo Chief - NMTBS, looks in perfect condition with only a tiny bit of fingernail vibe. $115

CLYW 28 Stories Cliff - NM, has one tiny mark that did not break ano (see last pic). $115

G2 BAP Pelican (Glitch) - MIB, glitch for ano and fingernail vibe. $85

LF: G2 AL7 Elite (Midnight and swirls top priority), 2-for-1 on a Ti-Hawk, any G2 AL7 G2’s in general, splashes and swirls a plus! Price is for f&f and includes shipping, please include fee for g&s.

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