FS/FT: Ash berry Chief, Bgrade trident, Punchline Repeater + More

Ok, lets go.

Not looking for anything in particular, offer anything. Things that may catch my attention-
string theory.
factory raw things.

On to what I have:

(individual pictures)

Trident- $50
B-grade, some scuffs, dead smooth.

Genesis- $45
beat on the rims, pretty smooth.

Supernova 2012- $50
pretty smooth, very near mint.

Katz Meow- $30
Awesome underrated yoyo. dead smooth, a few small scratches.

Punchline Repeater- $60
very near mint, pretty smooth.

Chief- $145
Probably the prettiest colorway ever. Mint with box, dead smooth. Really reluctant to get rid of this.

So, thats about it. let me know if you have any questions.

Hey Arthur, sorry about that Katz Meow XD.

Anyways, free bump.

iterested in a xbox 360?

Would you take a polished Markmont next for the trident?

Free bump