FS,FT 2Sick Grandmaster, CLYW Gorge, OG Supernova etc

Shipping from Japan, prices vary but typically about $5-10 for cheap tracked shipping (SAL) and $20 for fast EMS , will depend on weight. Prices are flexible and discounts on multiple. PM for more details, might add a couple more things soon.

Open to trades, offer whatever, particular interested in Shiny Blue SF CF, Blisses(Fades in particular)

Top row
2Sick Grandmaster - Two scuffs that don’t break ano, fingernail vibe $50
2Sick Seraph- NMTBS, Fingernail vibe, smooth on string, $35
Pendulum GONE
YYF OG Supernova, NMTBS, fingernail vibe, $35
Rebirth GONE

MYY Vulfgang 7075, NMTBS, Fingernail vibe, $50
YYR Draupnir, GONE
CLYW Gorge, 3A marks all over, Smooth on finger, $50
Thesis Synthesis, NMTBS, Smooth, $35

G2 OG Banshee,Marks and vibe, $30
G2 OC, All of this color was B grade for ano, NMTBS, Smooth $30
Weekday Gram, NMTBS, Smooth $50

Crucial AYCE, NMTBS, Fingernail Vibe, $25
R2FG CLS, NMTBS, Fingernail vibe, $40

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Bump and some price reductions