FS/FT:1st Run YYJ Nightmoves 5 nickel/Gold

Here is my awesome NM5 by Yoyojam. it is completely mint and a great undersized throw. the only cosmetic problem is the gold has begun to wear off as a result of play.

Im looking for $45 shipped

Trades I would consider:

Something - ANGLAM - Any Color!
YYJ - Next Level - Red Only
YYR - Maestro, 6, Overdrive - Only Mint please. Silver, black, gold colors please.
OXY TI 2012(?)

Nintendo 3DS XL
Sweet Guitars - Telecasters, Strats
Low Watt Tube Amps
Nice Turntables ( Rega, Music Hall etc…)
Boutique guitar pedal and Synthesizers (Sleeperdrone 5,6, Grendell stuff)

bump solid player guys!

bump!! get this guy at a killer price!!!