fs/ft: '09 severe, carbon, protostar, YYJ Bolt.. LF: NORTHSTAR!!, CLYW, offers

hey so i have as mentioned above:
YYF yoga flame 09 severe capless… few dings on outer rim and weird scratch from previous owner under where caps should be but plays amazing

RecRev Carbon… picked up at BAC as a B-Grade. One side has a small anno flaw where it has a couple bumps that stick out but do not affect play. Damage wise has one or two really small scratches that dont go through anno. excellent throw

YYF protostar: Edge glow protostar, one of the best plastics out there. 3 or 4 scuffs on the rim but nothing major. hoping to trade this for a northstar but offer up

I will send pics upon request just leave me your email :smiley:

Thanks for Looking !! and offer up

i got a green Northstar ill trade for the Carbon.