FS: DUNCAN blue camo EXIT 8 and red camo WINDRUNNER 7068

I’m open to trade offers as well! not looking for anything particular other than the fact that I collect greens only, so I’d love to hear some offers! :smiley:

Wanting to sell my Duncan Exit 8 and Windrunner 7068 so that I can use the money to purchase their green versions.
Both are in near mint condition…both having very little play time. I like both of the yos, I just wish they could be added to my growing green collection.

I might be asking for too much for these, but I may be open to offers.

Prices include shipping within the USA.
Blue Camo Exit 8 = $75
Red Camo Windrunner 7068 =$45



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these look nice but i don’t have money REALLY wish i could help you out bro!

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hehe no problem :smiley:
I actually have the green/clear Exit 8 coming to me…should be here tomorrow! :smiley: :smiley:
Now I’m just looking to pass the blue camo on eventually. I’m in no big hurry.


oh ok that’s awesome!

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Hey, have you guys heard this story before?
I’m pretty sure it’s based on true events…
Anyhow, I don’t remember exactly how it goes in every detail…but I think it goes something like this:

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-The End!-

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So you have that blue guy.

I got this green guy…

…maybe a trade could happen.

Theres 2 hard to see blemeshises . one in the cup(was like that from manufacturer:

One on the rim (? Never been dinged, might have rubbed on another yoyo I guess?)

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So hard to see I can’t photo them well😘

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Hey, thanks for the offer! :smiley:
I’m not looking to pick up a Monster Edge though. I have a K’Edge and a Kuntosh…and the big beefy rims aren’t my favorite thing. Makes them feel a bit bigger in my hand than I prefer.

It is a lovely colorway though. I don’t like most splashes, but this one looks nice!

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:grin:it was worth a shot. The green n black is stunning.

My offer stands if you change your mind. Exit 8 would look good with my bimetal Duncan collection.



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bump for Twitch

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Bump :smiley: