FS: Draupnir, Pragma, Sengoku

Astraea(gold or pink)
Edolass(no black)

Also have some cash. Will listen to other trades but will likely have to be in my favor

Draupnir - many very minor chips near SS ring, slight vibe, $120. V gud, I got another color so don’t need this one

Pragma - NMTBS, $40

Musashi/Oni(only selling one) - NM, $60

Ashigaru - NMTBS $35

$200 for the 4. All prices include shipping


Nobody get that draupnir. Unless you plan to somehow get it to me :wink:

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For $120 yuh

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Plz try to hold on to the draupnir for another month and a half or so :pray:

R u gonna buy it? Cuz like I said I already found another color so I don’t need to trade anymore

I’ll hold it if you’re definitely buying

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Plz hold it. Christmas is coming soon

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