FS: draupnir, navigator, space crown, dream, space cadet, nine dragons, ex machine

(thorsten steckstor) #1

Trying to free up some money to buy a ps4…don’t really need two draupnirs for example so I’m selling one.

the draupnir has only once left the box and is flawless, the others only have a couple of nicks from hitting my wedding rings a couple of time. first time here so I can only include one pic…but I can of course provide pics of the others if needed.

Raw draupnir - no flaws or nicks, only came out of the box once

blue navigator

gold space crown

red dream

blue/gold space cadet

blue nine dragons

blue ex machina

(Jacob Waugh) #2

I think that pictures of all of them are required.

(thorsten steckstor) #3

Since it was my first post I was only allowed one pic though.


It’s easiest to just make an imgur.com album and post the album url.

(Jacob Waugh) #5

Oh okay, I didn’t understand what you had said.

(Ken) #6

I want the raw draup


Just throwing it out there, you probably shouldn’t have your phone number out in the open. Send a PM.

(system) #9

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