FS 🔥 Crazy Hojo's clearance sale, PRICE REDUCTION,all must GO. (9/26)

It’s time to clear out some of the ones in all reality I won’t be using. Time for them to find a new home.

These are either new in their box or nmtbs and either sat on the shelf or in a case.

I’m open to reasonable offers

Additional pictures available as requested

Shipping is included in the continental USA only

Payment is by PayPal F&F preferred, G&S but you cover the fees.

Thanks for looking…

Foxland Precision Katz Meow nib $65.00

Retic Copperhead nmtbs, no box $45.00

General Yo Torrent 2 nib 50.00

YYF Atom smasher nib $15.00

OD Rebirth Duck Night nmtbs w/box $55.00

Recces Snack, one through ano mark $25.00

Sweets Lab Kendama The Bride (V34) new, no box, w/stickers & extra string $30.00

Terra Pill mid Candy Apple Red new, no box, w/extra string $20.00

Duncan Bimetal Bumble Bee nmtbs w/box $50.00

Vosun Kstar nmtbs $25.00


Added a bunch more


bump for a cool guy, someone let me know if that koi drops in price, i’ve really been wanting one

Thanks for the kind words, make me an offer on the KOI


i’ll dm

Prices Updated

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Sold Krapfen and KOI

Thank you


Added a Few and Far Between The Vow

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Legendary Terrarian sold

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Heaven Sent Creep, The End sold

The Vow is sold

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Creep sold

Weekender is gone

Shooting star sold

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I think he should have called this Crazy Hojo’s Clearance Sale. Cerakote Werkender on its way to Atlanta.

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Added ZGRT Alebrije

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Name change, thanks.


I can’t believe this got here already. I appreciate it!!