FS: Collection thinning - SF, OD, YYF, Duncan, G2, Recess, etc

It’s time to thin out my horde, it’s starting to get a little out of control. I am pretty sure I have boxes for all the metal throws, but not any of the plastics. Everything is pretty minty, but let’s call them nmtbs unless otherwise specified. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking :blush:

All prices are negotiable, especially if you purchase multiples. Listed prices include USA shipping. Sorry but i’m only shipping within the continental USA for now.

YYF 888mmxx (mint w/box) - $ 100 PENDING

Great undersized / mini stainless-steel throw. Absolutely stunning looking mirror like polished finish. Hub-stacks swapped out for orange ones, but I have some other options that I can switch to if you prefer.


Duncan GTR Beta (raw polished; this is a great performing bimetal. Pretty much a wider Grasshopper GTX) - $ 45 PENDING

Duncan Orbital GTX (blue with red/green splash) - $45

G2 Reaper Al7 version (berry fade) - $ 60 SOLD

YYF Edgeless (purple/clear) - $ 40

YYF Shutter Trainer Scales - $ 20 PENDING

Recess x Zeekio Quiz (raw) - $ 50 SOLD


SF x Zipline BMC (midnight blue) - $ 60

OD Rev 2 (nqp for anno flaws) - $30 SOLD

Topyo Silenus - $ 15 PENDING

Duncan Strix - $ 15

Yomega Maverick - $ 15

MYY Avocado (blue/black half-swap) - $ 15 SOLD

R3 (add-on’s):

*Each of these are an additional $5 each with any other purchase from R1 / R2 (mostly to cover shipping cost). Note that all of these may have some standard plastic vibe / cosmetic flaws – hence the discounted price.

C3 Speedaholic SOLD

God-Tricks SIP


YYF Protostar SOLD

CLYW Yeti 2 (fools gold)

Duncan FHZ


If the Edgeless is still available in a month, I’ll take it! Otherwise good luck with sale.

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@AKYOYOMIKE avocado.

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