Fs: clyw yyr


Hey everyone! I am slimming down my collection and I’m looking to sell a few throws. Feel free to message me about the condition of each yoyo. I also can take more pics if needed.

Peak Snow Cone never played mib
Peak Confetii Cannon used
Peak 28 Stories used

Acrophobia Black unengraved used
E=MC2 Purple unengraved used
Overdrive +2 raw used

Thanks for looking!

  • Joey

(David Hough) #2

Didn’t you want an Acrophobia?

(Victor) #3

I do but that one looks pretty banged-up and it’s unengraved, so it would be hard to determine if it’s authentic or not. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake YYR yo-yos out there. I bought an Overdrive a while ago and it turned out to be fake. But thanks for keeping an eye out! I appreciate it.


Price on the top left peak?


Price of Peak 28 Stories used?