FS CLYW Arctic Circle, Avalanche,

I am selling my CLYW FG Arctic Circle and Avalanche (not FG). Also my Kendama and Magic Yoyo N9

FOR SALE ONLY, Paypal only. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks for your time.

FG Arctic Circle one small pinprick and anno discolor on"Fools Gold" smooth, new 10 ball, concave bearing $50

Avalanche - 2 small dings, smooth, new 10 ball ceramic, concave bearing and new axle $60

Kendama great condition, marks on ball from play $10
Magic Yoyo N9 Floating, MINT,$10

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N9 Floating is gonzo. thanks

Let’s Go Pens


the burbs

New stuff, offer up


New stuff up. take a peek

Does the N9 have the stacks?

No stacks sorry. Mint and smooth



violet sunday

brown tuesday

post it

green thursday sale

re-up with new pictures.

added some random stuff