FS/CHIK!, Glide, Glide Starwars Edition, Synthesis, Bag LF/Flight, OG Dark Magic

Hello guys, I have a lot of yoyos that I want to sell. All of them are guarantied to play as good as when I got them. I don’t have any original boxes. None of the yoyos will come with string.

I will only be able to accept payment through PayPal. You will want to pay as a gift, or you will need to pay the fees. I am not really looking for yoyos. I would much prefer money, however, I am looking for a Flight and a Original Dark Magic to trade.

YoYo Factory Flight
YoYo Jam Dark Magic

CLYW Bear VS Man Round 2 - Sold
Color: Gold
Condition: Gently used with hardly any show of wear. Only small anodizing scratches around the rims.

One Drop CHIK! - $90
Color: Nickle Plated
Condition: Two small dents/chips on the edges.

Yomega Glide Star Wars Edition - $100
Color: Red/Rebel Alliance
Condition: Small couple of scuffs around the edges.

One Drop Cascade - Sold
Color: Nickle Plated
Condition: Used once. Basically perfect.

YoYo Jam Synthesis - $100
Color: Silver rims, middle body is a red, purple, and white marbleized color.
Condition: Small scratches with a decent sized chip in the rim. (See picture)

Yomega Glide - $70
Color: Metallic Rainbow. Think oil spill.
Condition: Used once. Basically perfect.

CLYW Cliff - Sold
Color: Purple w/ purple speckle and silver splash
Condition: Hardly used. Basically perfect

Unknown Super Wide Yoyo - Open to offers
I own two of these with slightly different color varriants. I don’t know what these are but they are similar to the YYF Superwide or Monster. Different shape but it is very wide. They are pretty interesting and they do play really well. The wideness does make for a fun throw.

Color: Black with multicolor splash. One like it’s dripped on the other more of a stripped splash.
Condition: Mint

Medium Duncan YoYo Bag - $20
Holds up to 12 yoyos
Color: Black with red lining
Condition: Completely new. Never used. Tag still on.

What can I get for a gold Shutter?