FS CHEAP!!! G&E2 poison and mini motu BOTH MINT

i have a green mini motu minty mint. and a special “poison” edition G&E2 thrown a couple times. G&E2 will come with a regular bearing, konkave bearing, shims, and pads. ;D pics will be posted here in a bit. looking for 70 shipped.

also accepting trades.



basically anything from those.

willing to negotiate

thanks! ;D


still for sale!! haven’t seen a deal i like yet so keep trying! =) 70 shipped for em both!

I’ll give you a Maverick unreponsive with cleaned Bearing and Both sets of Spacer and Cash if need be. For Just The G&E2 I can add if I have too.

The g&e is pending at 50

how much for the mini mo tu