FS BvM, Tigorylla, Agape, cuLater, Prices Dropped. Ministar added

I’ve got a couple throws for sale, paypal only. US only. I’ll also trade for a 4xl, preferably pretzel edition. must have the jimmies.

Copying this over from my post on another forum. If you have any questions about it or my feedback there, please let me know.

I ship USPS, usually same day or next day.

1st is a BvM. Couple small dings and marks. If you care $65 $50 gone

Next is a Tigorylla, couple small dings and marks $$50 40 gone

Agape - needs a new bearing, couple marks $45 $40

cuLater - several marks $35 $25 gone

Raw Ministar
Pics eventually, ???

Hoes the bvm play ?