FS BBB peak 2, dm2, wood fixie, single case

Edited to add new items and change previous pricing.

For Sale or a trade deal for something in a saturday market colorway! Prices include shipping CONUS!

$35 YYJ Dark Magic 2 black spade edition includes caps. Some scratches on the rims, the caps have been removed, plays really well still. Will include slim bearing too!

$22 wooden fixed axle made by Jon Gates. I had to glue the halves back on to the axle and there is a minor dent in the wood you can see it in the second picture. It doesnt sleep at all, but makes for a really smooth ultra responsive yoyo. It’s really stable for how light it is, it can do backhand stalls, it has a finger cup for pull starts. I almost want to take this down now lol but I’ll leave it up for now because I just haven’t played it in a while.

$80 CLYW BBB Peak 2, a few minor ano flaws but plays smooth.

$15 zipper yoyo case holds one full sized yoyo and has a large pocket for string, bearings, etc.


Maybe Put a Price on it as well?

It’s not really for sale, sorry, so there’s no price. I will only let it go to trade for a black ti vayder

Edit: it is for sale

Im not interested as i have one, but selling it might get you closer to a tivayder or at least list what throws youd throw in as a trade


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Tngdang205 is looking for a peak2